Halwa Back Youngin: Happy Halwaween!

by Soni Satpathy-Singh

Thanksgiving usually has a monopoly on pies but no more, not with a lil clever re-wording making this a Halloween/Halwaween pie. Not feeling the pun? No worries, you don’t need a reason to make pie. Ever.

I created this recipe because I wanted to revamp gajar halwa—it’s certainly not your Aunty’s recipe, that’s for sure. I find most recipes too sweet.

Carrots can quickly become sweet when caramelized so a little bit of sweetener goes a long way. I chose to use sweetened condensed milk this time. You could certainly use a few ounces less than I did and still create a tasty pie.

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I’m all for saving time where the quality of the final product isn’t compromised hence my use of store-bought pie crust. However, there are other steps in the process which I’d advise against shortcuts.

I highly recommend grating the carrots yourself instead of using packaged shredded carrots. Freshly grating carrots make for a more moist pie. Sure, using the packaged ones save time but they tend to be drier and lifeless. Using freshly grated carrots brings about a richer pie.

You can also deviate from using conventional orange carrots and instead, use the purple, purplish-almost black, or yellow variety which I see available at farmer’s markets. You could even make mini pies, some orange, some purple, and others yellow for a truly colorful “halwaween” spread.

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This recipe can also be used to fill other pre-made pie crusts available at grocery stores. One delicious pairing in particular is using the gajar custard to fill ready-made graham cracker pie crust.

Ready to start cooking? Thaw that pie crust, gather ingredients, and let’s do this!















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