This is What Happens When You Try to Sexually Harass a Woman

sexual harrasment

by Trisha Sakhuja

Sometimes karma hits you instantly, and while we don’t condone violence, it’s only a matter of time before more women will fight back to men who sexually harass them. It’s easy to hiss, touch, whistle, catcall, groan and stare at a girl passing by, but it looks like Veena Ashiya Chindlur had enough. 

We can almost bet that Chindlur is fed up of men harassing her during her morning jog, so she lost her patience and gave him what he deserves. Unlucky him, but seriously, how much longer should she ignore the lewd comments and pretend like its not occurring daily?

We constantly look away from long stares at our chest, and we walk away from the hissing, so its uncommon to see a girl take matters into her own hands. She runs after him, yells until he kneels down, and then bam, she kicks him in the head!

According to the Bangalore Mirror, the attacker was  identified as 30-year-old KR Suryaprakash, who will never forget this incident. And how could he? The YouTube video has garnered more than 800,000 views since it was published on Aug. 9. By now, I am sure his friends and family have all seen it, not to mention, the pervert was sent to court. 

Chindlur told the newspaper that many people are surprised to see a woman retaliate. She went on to say that the video gained so much attention because of “the fact that women can react and hit back is just not acceptable in our society.”

Another tidbit of good news is that Chindlur said she was appreciative of the Jayanagar police of Bangalore, saying they were “quick, polite, prompt and respectful.”

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