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Healing From a Word in Pain

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While it is important to be independent and resolve conflicts yourself, it is not something that needs to be done alone. Seeking support is not the equivalent of becoming a weak or needy person. Everyone is on their journey towards improvement. By receiving external support, one is discerning the root cause of their problems, and preventing it from further manifestation. One is working towards a better version of themselves, and liberating themselves from their personal demons. Sometimes asking for help involves strength and courage. Whether it is a small or a large issue, they hold equal weight. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community of support to raise one’s spirit and liberate oneself.

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We Need To

We must
Invigorate therapy
We must structure
A home


As the world ages
So do we

And more hearts fracture;
Others deprived
Of the key

And more solemnness
Fills wells
Of our eyes

By stigma
Or a person to confide in

And we need to accord a hand
To people
Incarcerated in pain
They can’t command

And we need to reach out

With our smiles
To fortify our bonds
And replenish our lives

For life,
It is cruel
But we can redeem its beauty
With our light

Emerging from the silhouettes
Of those forsaken
And companionless nights

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