Finding Hope During Dark Times With the Power of Poetry

Nothing in this cruel life lasts forever and neither does our sorrows. Even though it may feel like it, things are never as hard as it seems. It is important that we put things into perspective and take a moment to breathe. As you continue on your journey to rehabilitation and self-improvement, please surround yourself with positivity. You must let go of animosity, and replace those negative feelings with something much more powerful – happiness. To let go of life’s pessimism, seek solace from friends and family, and even external support. We all need a source of comfort and a person to rely on when we are not able to support ourselves. Becoming a better person takes work. As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child,” just as it takes friends and family to raise your spirits and help you through adversities.

I Hope

I hope when you read this
You lips
Curve into a smile

A frown you’ve called your own
Departs for some time…

Because you’re happy

I hope whenever you’re feeling down
There’s a glimmer of hope
You are enraptured in…

And you savor it

A diversion,
A person,
An anecdote
That makes you feel at home

That even when life maltreats you,
And directs its stones,
Impelling you to drown,
And fragmenting your bones

You feel grounded

No one deserves
To feel down
No matter what people say

And to those who have wronged,
You should find happiness;
Because it is a power
That fuels us
Into making amends

Conquering animosity
With the bond it lends

Presenting the world
A piece
It’s misplaced
For too long…

To be

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By Sanjana Karthik

Sanjana Karthik is a grade ten student from Semiahmoo Secondary. She dedicates her time to volunteering, where she has accumulated … Read more ›