Here’s how to Apply Flirty False Eyelashes That no one can Ignore

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Oh, the things we will do for beauty. Right? Right! Ok, I’m making the process of dolling up sound a bit mundane, but for everyone who loves to serve a beautiful face, you know how much fun your dolling up routine can really be.

I know a lot of girls who love to work magic on their eyes – bold shadows, killer liner, and a smooth layer of silky mascara. But a lot of people have also told me that they shy away from putting on false eyelashes. And their reason? “I just can’t put them on right!” THAT is what a lot of girls tell me.

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The first thing to know about applying false eyelashes is that practice makes perfect. I agree that you may not get them attached right to your lashline the first time you try to put them on. But it only makes sense to keep at it until you get’em bang on! Trust me, and I know you also know this, the practice is all worth it! Nothing adds more oomph to your look than the perfect pair of false eyelashes. You add glamour to your overall appearance the moment you put them on, and there is no denying that you can transition any pair of false eyelashes from day to night.

Now, before I give you a video tutorial on how to apply your very own set, here is a list of things to keep in mind.

1. Ensure that the false lashes are the right length

Make sure that your lashes fit the length of your eyes. If you feel that they’re too long, meaning they’re sticking out at the corner of the eye, that’s a good indication that you need to cut them! Also, always remember to cut the outer edge of the lash!

2. Prepare your natural lashes

You have to prepare your own lashes for the falsies. You want to give them a bit of a lift using an eyelash curler and then apply some mascara.

3. Apply the right amount of glue

You want to make sure that there is an even, and thin, layer of lash glue applied throughout the bend of the lashes. I encourage you to add a little extra at each end. This trick simply ensures that they stick properly in the inner corner and on the outer edge of the eye.

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4. WAIT for the glue to dry

Once you’ve applied the lash glue, wait for it to dry. You want the glue to get tacky so that it sticks right on to your eye. Give it about 30 seconds to dry before applying the false eyelash. While you’re waiting, bend the lash inwards to give it a good shape. This will also make it easier to apply.

5. Point the false eyelashes upwards when applying

A lot of us have a tendency of applying the lashes straight onto the lashline. You should always have them pointed upwards and sit them down that way. This technique will also ensure that you have no space between the stem of the falsies and your lashline.

The tips above will help you become your very own falsies queen, I guarantee it!

And, now, for a quick video tutorial to get you started!


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