Gunk be Gone! Here’s how to Clean Your Beauty Blender Without Spending the Extra Cash

We can all agree that beauty blenders have made life so much easier right? Professionals in the industry have been using this product for years now, rightfully naming it the most perfect applicator in the business.

Each blender fits the cuts and shape of everyone’s face – you never have to compromise any part of your face or routine anymore. The beauty blender will give you a clean and natural-looking finish. Every. Single. Time. Now, that’s making life easier, right?

Ok, so applying your favorite foundation just got easier, but how about cleaning these bad boys when they’re full of all this gunk? A good beauty blender can cost you just a little over $20, so you want to make sure you’re making the maximum use out of it. Am I right?

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With that said, who here doesn’t want to spend more money on cleaning solutions for your beauty blender? Me!

If you’re on the same boat, welcome on board girlfriend because there’s good news! I’m about to share a quick and easy way to clean your beauty blender without breaking the bank.

This method is an easy and cheap way to get all the gunk out of your applicator without spending any extra money. Let’s be real: The beauty blender solid cleanser is essentially a bar of soap! So, instead of going out and BUYING this bar of soap, why not just use one from your bathroom to clean it? This cleaning routine takes less than a minute and guarantees a deep clean. Take my word for it. It works way better than any liquid soap or detergent you might have tried!

Tune in below to see a quick video tutorial on how to get rid of all the makeup from your beauty blender using soap you have sitting around at home. Gunk be gone!


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