How to Win the Desi Alpha Woman’s Heart

alpha desi woman

by Priya Kaur

We’ve all heard of the alpha male, which is your typical hero of the story, yet we rarely hear about the heroine, the alpha female.

In today’s society, desi women are becoming more and more independent.  Careers have started to come first and are followed by love than marriage. Society and culture are slowing adapting, whether the elder generation is moving with the times or not.

The alpha desi woman is someone who not only has her career set, but she’s also someone who knows what she wants from life. She has passion and she’s not afraid to use it. She doesn’t settle for anything less than the best and surrounds herself with positivity. She isn’t afraid to stand up for her dreams, wants, needs or desires.

Desi women are brought up with lists upon lists of qualifications of what is expected in order to be a “good desi wife” or girlfriend, but what about the qualifications a man needs in order to impress our alpha desi woman?

After all “ain’t nobody in the world like my desi girl…”

Gentleman, please pay attention, although desi women may seem to be stubborn, have a princess complex, and are indecisive about what to eat—most know what they want out of a relationship. Alpha desi women can make the best partners because they not only challenge you, but they know how to keep you on your toes, both in and out of the home.

So, here are 10 secrets on to what the Alpha Desi Woman looks for in a man:

  1. A best friend. She wants someone to confide in when she has a rough day. She wants to be able to know that even if she is being a brat, or has had a rough day, you’ll be her arms and ears.
  2. Friendly Banter. She wants to know that you’re not going to be afraid to call her out on her bullshit. She likes talking to you and the fact that you both can make fun of each other—it’s actually a turn on.
  3. A comedian. If you can make her laugh, you’ve probably already won a part of her heart.
  4. Someone to challenge her. She already has goals and priorities. Sometimes she just needs to be challenged to keep going or when she feels like giving up, she just needs that extra push.
  5. Trust. She needs someone that will always keep it 100 with her, even if it’s not always something she wants her hear.
  6. Emotion. She wants a man who knows it’s okay to show how he feels. A man who isn’t afraid to sing “Tum Hi Ho” right before he kisses her.
  7. Family Oriented. Someone who isn’t afraid to spend the weekend with your Big Fat Desi family.
  8. He has passions and dreams—ambition and a sense of purpose are definitely an ideal strong desi women want in their mates.
  9. Conversations that are both real and meaningful. She wants someone she can talk to about nothing and everything.
  10. Lastly, someone who doesn’t give up just because things get hard. Life throws curveballs, and nobody wants to be with someone who’s afraid to catch the ball.  

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