I Don’t Wanna Be That Mom

by Tina Singh

Back in 2012 when I was expecting my first child, the vision I had of being a Mom was wildly different from what it actually was. I pictured myself as a put together mother who would be organized, have a clean house and bake fresh bread on Sundays.

Now that I am a mom of three boys (all under the age of 5), I know that not showering for three days, being sleep deprived and living in a messy house are just part of this whole motherhood gig. It’s time to show ourselves some self-love and focus on the little human beings we have been blessed with.

The hot mess mom status is temporary and I am cool with it.

Tina is a self-proclaimed Mom Boss of 3. She has three young boys (all under 5) and vlogs her journey through motherhood on YouTube! Follow her on Twitter @mombossof3  and Facebook @mombossof3.


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