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Knowing Yourself Doesn’t Just Help Matters of the Heart

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Everything in this world is man-made and society-based. However, some things are not: life, death, hate and the ability to feel all that the world wants us to acknowledge.

Still, we dedicate more time and energy toward man-made things such as wealth and status. We have become desensitized to the things that truly matter, the matters of the heart. We compromise our health and our connections within ourselves and with the rest of the world to maintain a façade that was created by people like you and me.

Let us learn to reconstruct reality and divert importance to the things worth having: love, health and strong bonds within ourselves and the people in our lives. We can always be more generous and loving because it comes more naturally to the human heart than everything that tries to push us apart.

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Heart Awareness

Your heart
Centering your chest
Could center more

The window to your soul
The words that you let go

Perhaps the way you view the world
Could all be the reflection
Of the heart
Ever so raw
And without
Your mind’s protection

You could go far
You could love more
Filling yourself with it
The energy you let go

It flows
It travels
From one soul
To the other

As you let go the reasons to hate
And open the doors
To more

You will be freeing yourself
From this negativity
That stunts your growth

Branching out
And moving forward

As you connect yourself
To one another

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