Learning to Let Go of a Toxic, Unbalanced Relationship

“The Thorns Hurt” is an extended analogy comparing a toxic relationship to what was once just two seeds in a soil pot. One person clearly needed the support of the other who was more than willing to offer it, but when they themselves needed it, the one they supported earlier was nowhere to be found. It is a poem that demonstrates the cruelty of giving your all to someone who refuses to give you anything in return.

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The Thorns Hurt

We both began as seeds
planted with each other
so I gave you my nutrients
and strengthened my roots
to push you above the soil
and I beamed
when you blossomed

But when the time came to pollinate me
you forgot my existence
and my cries were ignored
underneath the soil

But I mustered the remaining strength
I had in my roots
and persisted
to bloom

But once I blossomed
your thorns cut me.

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