Lily Singh a.k.a Superwoman’s New Anthem Will Make you Want to Clean Your Room

Superwoman Lily Singh

by Trisha Sakhuja

“I should have a dance party while cleaning my room,” said no one ever.

No, but seriously, when was the last time you were remotely interested in cleaning your room, especially right before you headed out to a party with friends? Unless you’re a neat freak, you maintain a messy room for at least the majority of the week.

It’s too bad, Barney’s tired, old “Clean Up Song” will not motivate you to fold your clean laundry, sort through your week’s worth of dirty clothes in that corner of your room, scrub makeup stains from your dresser and make your untidy bed full of hidden leftovers and socks. But one song, or better yet, one anthem will change that forever and ever.

Lily Singh a.k.a Superwoman’s newest music video “Clean Up Anthem,” featuring Sickick, is one to play on repeat. The catchy lyrics are fun to sing, the beat is nothing short of sick and the dance moves are ones I want to attempt while cleaning my room. More impressive is the classic Superwoman-like storyline that is nothing without her parent’s funny commentary, and, in this case, her dad’s awesome dance moves.

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You will never clean your room the same after watching this video. Hats off to Superwoman, Sickick and her dedicated team of friends and supporters for seeing more than 600,000 views on YouTube in less than 24-hours.

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