Listen to Kaly’s Newest Soundtrack: ‘Brown Boy Lost 2’ (ft. Raxstar & RKZ)


Our favorite brown boy and hip-hop music artist Kaly is back with another track, “Brown Boy Lost 2,” featuring Raxstar and RKZ.

On recording the track with his musical buddies, he said:

“Raxstar and I are actually good friends, so working with him is a breeze. Everytime he’s here in the States we hang, and we both respect each other’s craft so it’s really a no-brainer.

Same things goes for me and RKZ. He hasn’t been here in a minute, but really all I have to do is hit these guys up and they’re always down at a moments notice.

All of us write and record pretty fast, so it’s usually the rest of the process that takes some time. I always want to make sure the track is mixed and mastered properly because you only get one shot at putting something out in the world.”

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When asked what we can expect next, Kaly said he’s working on “The Hatchback Chronicles.”

“It’s me looking through the lens of my childhood. If you’ve come to expect artistry from me, then it’s gonna be more o what you’ve come to expect. Really amazing stuff in a totally different vein than my Agrabah project.”

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