6 Lohri Desserts to Serve With Your Chikki and Revdi This Weekend

by Nisha Vedi Pawar

Holiday time has come and gone, and as much as we may miss it, I think it’s safe to say that the traditional South Asian celebrations don’t let us stay in the holiday blues for long! Am I right?

Lohri comes soon after Christmas and New Year’s and even this tradition doesn’t go by without some cocktails, dinner parties, desserts, and a little bit of sundhar mundariye!

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Of course, chikki and revdi are the classic must-haves when it comes to Lohri, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have other sweetmeats to please the palate!

Need other ideas for some Lohri desserts? You don’t have to look anywhere else because we got you covered!

1. Pistachio Rose Chocolate Bark

lohri desserts

Decadent chocolate bark sprinkled with roasted pistachios, crushed rose petals, and cardamom dust.

2. Cardamom Thumbprint Cookies

lohri desserts

Delicate sweet, melt in your mouth cardamom cookies filled with berry rose jam and a dusting of pistachios.

3. Funfetti Cupcakes

lohri desserts

A simple vanilla cupcake filled with red and green funfetti that’s topped with a chocolate ganache frosting.

4. Cardamom Rose Cake Pops

lohri desserts

Eggless cake pops flavored with cardamom, sweet rose water and covered in white chocolate.

5. Salted Pistachio Brownies

lohri desserts

A simple brownie recipe filled with dark chocolate chips, pistachios and a hint of sea salt.

6. Double Shot Cappuccino Cupcake

lohri desserts

A chocolate coffee cupcake topped with a whipped, fluffy mocha frosting.

Nisha is the founder and editor of Love Laugh Mirch, an Indian-inspired lifestyle site where she shares her take on traditional recipes, approachable DIY’s, culture stories and motherhood moments. Her favorites include Bollywood movies (the sappier, the better), recipes that are passed down through generations, mango season and a hot cup of kadak chai. You can often find her on Instagram @lovelaughmirch cooking dinner while having a dance party with her little one.


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