Looking For Marriage? These Matrimonial Ads Will Tell You Exactly What NOT To Do.

by India Boulevard

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Ever sifted through a South Asian newspaper and gone through the various “classifieds” that appear towards the end? What’s one thing that sticks out most to you in those? It’s no surprise if you say, “the (crazy?) matrimonial ads.”

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to find a partner through these matrimonial ads in the newspaper. What’s wrong are all the double-standards, ridiculous requests people make, and not to mention the abundance of spelling and grammar mistakes that you get to indulge in.

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We’re sure there have been numerous absolutely hilarious, yet ridiculous, ads that you’ve read in the course of your lifetime so far. But here’s presenting to you some of the craziest matrimonial ads we’ve seen in a while—really, what were people thinking before they put these up?!

1. OHHHH, those double-standards!

[Photo source: itimes.com.]

2. When they desperately need to get all their children married and take to the local newspaper for help.

[Photo source: Jugaadu.]

3. Because nobody wants to find a bride for their “stupid” and “charmless” son.

[Photo source: scoopwhoop.com.]

4. Nobody likes a mama’s boy.

[Photo source: scoopwhoop.com.]

5. This guy needs financial help, not a wife. Someone help him, please.

[Photo source: Shughal.]

6. When the newspaper calls out the ridiculousness of these ads in a business advertisement. And it seems like the one that makes the most sense to us!

[Photo source: firstpost.]

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