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Love Aaj Kal: The Story of a Hindu-Muslim Gay Couple

indian gay couple marries in greece
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by BG Staff 

The video below is truly one of the most romantic flash mob proposals, and not because of the dance moves and quirky love song; instead what makes this particular marriage proposition so sweet, is the couple in it.

Adil and Saptarishi Mitra are two Bengaluru men, who met at a Queer Pride Parade in India. After they met and exchanged phone numbers the Supreme Court of India repealed Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which effectively prohibited and recriminalized gay marriage.

However, despite the Indian political climate, the young couple stayed true to their love for one another and began planning their picturesque wedding in Santorini, Greece.

Saptarishi claimed that once Adil met his parents and won them over, he knew he wanted to move forward with marriage, so he gathered his friends together and planned a surprise proposal for Adil, who lovingly accepted.

The surprising part of the union between this Indian gay couple lies not in their sexual preference, but in their wedding ceremony. The half-Hindu, half-Muslim duo are opting for a Christian wedding to avoid any religion-related dramatics at their nuptials.

We support these two brave souls for coming out and showing us that love is beautiful and powerful, no matter what your sexual orientation or faith.


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