Malvika Sitlani on Content Creation, Entrepreneurship and Womanhood

You know you can always turn to Instagram sensation Malvika Sitlani, AKA Mals, when it comes to perfecting makeup or for some “feel-good vibes” through her ‘story time’ vlogs. With more than seven years of experience in the beauty industry, Sitlani has become a repository of wisdom and knowledge. After winning the hearts through her impeccable content creation, the diva has now turned her businesswoman plug on by becoming the CEO & Co-founder of MASIC Beauty; both the aesthetic feels and the quality of her products help make luxury items budget-friendly for consumers.


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Despite her recent introduction into the world of entrepreneurship, Sitlani’s first true calling was content creation. Deriving inspiration from her prim and poised mom, she always wanted to be in front of the camera. Being a Bollywood buff, she had a passion for acting and drama and it persuaded her to follow the traditional route to mark her foray into the film industry — she thought of giving her best shot at beauty pageants. But, there was a marathon of rejections.

Finally, she managed to win Femina Style Diva and officially became a runway model. Despite that fame, she was struggling to sustain on little income. And that’s how her blog, That Girl In Vogue, started.

Still, she couldn’t manage to make a lot of money off of it. That’s exactly when she realized that people love watching videos more than reading long blogs. And, voila! There she was in front of the camera filming her very first Youtube makeup tutorial: How to Get Fuller Lips. The rest is history…

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Ask her what she advises to all budding entrepreneurs, and she says that one should find that kick-ass co-founder for their startup who shares the same passion and is willing to shoulder the burden. She also says that everyone should cherry-pick their team members. It’s important to pick people who will breathe life into the brand by juggling between never-ending roles.

However, it’s not just her business acumen or valuable content that gets her all the attention from her followers. When it comes to her personal life, she has managed to set high standards for all of us in terms of finding the right partner, coming to terms with in-laws, and keeping marriage and career hand-in-hand. Considering herself fortunate to have found a partner who helped change the trajectory of her life, she urges all women to go, try, fail and succeed to find the true you. Her mantra of a successful marriage is gathering the courage to have awkward conversations and keep the spark alive with those little things. From choosing not to have kids to moving out from her in-laws’ house to build her own nest, to donning several hats while being a married woman, Siltani has given us a fresh take on womanhood.

Her vibrant persona speaks volumes of her being an audacious high-spirited woman who believes that success always comes by lifting other women in the industry. She gets goosebumps when she sees women taking the lead in their life and doing something of their own. Someone’s friend, uncalled sister, a secret confidant, and above all, a role model to all, she wants women to shatter ceilings and lead the world.

Chic, stylish, and extremely warm, Sitlani sat down for an exclusive chat with Brown Girl Magazine. We had an incredible conversation talking about her journey to becoming a leading content creator, a rising entrepreneur, and balancing marriage and profession on a healthy note.

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