Meet the Staff: Mayura Iyer

mayura iyer

by Mayura Iyer

Mayura Iyer is not one to be idle – she is hyperactive and hates having nothing to do. Her inability to sit still, along with being raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., has driven her to pursue a career in public service and to be a strong advocate for her community. She graduated from the University of Virginia in 2015 with a B.A. in Foreign Affairs and a Master of Public Policy in 2016, and is moving to Dallas, Texas to teach high school social studies with Teach for America.

As a writer, Mayura has written for several publications outside of Brown Girl Magazine, including, the Huffington Post, and Literally, Darling. Her writing has provided an outlet for her to express her advocacy for the South Asian community and her allyship with other marginalized voices.

Outside of her interest in identity politics and social justice, Mayura is a passionate advocate for educational equality. She has worked on health education at the Social Outreach Foundation in Noida, India, has worked with D.C. Public Schools, and has conducted research on early childhood education.

In between frantic sips of coffee and listening to the Star Wars soundtrack to help her study, you can probably find Mayura reading the latest think piece in the Atlantic or binge-watching the newest Netflix show.

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