Meet the Staff: Rakhi Chadha

by Rakhi Rajput 

A New Jersey native and pure Punjabi girl, Rakhi Chadha has made her mark in more ways than one.  She is a high school English teacher, who was recognized in 2008 and 2013 as “A Teacher That’s Made The Most Difference.”

Her passion for writing has allowed her to embark on the journey to write her first motivational book titled, “This Is Your Awakening…Restart Your Life!” This book seeks to inspire those who feel like they are lost in life and need a little support in believing in themselves again.

When she’s not busy reshaping our future generations or inspiring people through her writing, she is putting together projects like her annual Feed and Clothe The Homeless Project, which has become a nationwide project in only three years.  Her dedication to the community was recognized by City and State officials, who have awarded her with several proclamations for her efforts to raise cultural and humanitarian awareness.

Along with her passion for writing and topics about education and social issues, Rakhi is a fan of dancing to Punjabi and Hindi songs.  What many might not know about Rakhi, is that she started performing in dance competitions at an early age.  She won 1st place in a dance competition at the age of 12 and until this day she can’t help but hit the dance floor when the music starts.  She also loves to travel and has a huge list of places she would like to visit.

Her wish to help and inspire others is seen through her work, writing and how she treats others. Her goal to one day start her own school and guide children at a young age towards the path of success is also in the pipeline.

Rakhi completed her undergraduate degree in English literature and writing and secondary education.  She is two classes away from receiving her Masters in School Counseling and one day hopes to add a Ph.D. in education to her credentials.

Being the oldest of four siblings, she lives in Jersey City, N.J. with her parents.  She will marry the love of her life this summer and is ready to start the phase of her life.

To learn more about Rakhi and to stay up to date with her book, visit her Facebook page.

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