Meet the Staff: Shilpa Prasad

Shilpa Prasad

by Shilpa Prasad

I’ve spent most of my life in the always-warm Tucson, AZ, but now spend most days trekking through snow while living in Boston, MA. Both cities are dear to my heart but I tell all my friends that one day I’m going to live somewhere where I’m not constantly either sweating or freezing.

I’ve trained in Bharatnatyam for 12 years but classical dance has not been the only dance form I love! Upon entering college, I joined Boston University’s Garba-Raas team and it has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.

When I’m not dancing or studying health science at school, I’m writing. I’ve had a passion for writing ever since I first learned how to hold a pencil properly! Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating but I’ve loved to write ever since I can remember! Writing has always been the perfect outlet for me and I am so glad that I can now use it as tool for making a positive impact on society. I would love to know that my writing has made one person laugh or feel inspired.

And when I’m not writing, dancing, or working — I’m either watching Bollywood movies, stuffing my face with food, daydreaming about Deepika Padukone, or wishing I were Mindy Kaling. Ok, you caught me. I’m usually doing all of those things at once.

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