Meet The Only “Halal” Trump: Ayesha Trump

ayesha trump, fawzia ali
[Fawzia Mirza as Ayesha Ali, aka Ayesha Trump. | Photo Courtesy: Fawzia Ali]

by Fawzia Mirza 

“I am not a member of the Democratic Party, or the Republican Party, or the Tea Party! I am a member of The Chai Party!”

That’s a direct quote from Ayesha Ali, the Muslim “Illegitimate Daughter” of Donald Trump. She lives in Chicago, IL, she’s a great cook and…no, she’s not real.

Ayesha Ali is my brainchild, a South Asian-Muslim and self-proclaimed Brown Girl, Fawzia Mirza, Chicago-based Beela Productions, and LA-based Charger Entertainment.

AyeshaT[Ayesha Trump | Photo Courtesy of Fawzia Mirza]

“The Muslim Trump” mockumentary was released online at  on On March 14, 2016. The mock-doc follows the reveal or “coming out” of Ayesha Trump, the satirical daughter of the very non-satirical, infamous American presidential candidate.

Ayesha, it seems, was discovered by documentarian and journalist, Sammy Sizzle. Through graphics and special effects, Donald Trump responds to Sammy’s interview questions regarding his illegitimate daughter and denies her existence. Ayesha then holds a press conference at the base of the Trump towers in Chicago to reveal her true identity and faces the reaction.

The project was originally conceived as a response to Donald Trump wanting to ban all Muslims. Ayesha Ali’s not meant to be the model Muslim, she’s meant to be as outrageous as her father — saying whatever she wants, regardless of who’s listening, and without considering the facts. She’s just nicer about it.  Ayesha is who her father would be if he embraced his Muslim side instead of, well, HIS side. Ayesha Trump is also an example of one of the only kinds of satire or comedy that Donald Trump cannot embrace. If he embraced his Muslim daughter he’d alienate his supporters. As satire, the Muslim-ness of the project is its strength.

If Ayesha ran for president, who knows, maybe we’d vote for her, after all, she might be 50 percentTrump, but she’s 1000 percent American.

The Muslim Trump Documentary: Ayesha Ali Trump from Ayesha Trump: The Muslim Trump on Vimeo.

Watch the mockumentary online at and .

Fawzia MirzaFawzia Mirza is a self proclaimed Brown Girl and an actor, writer, producer, comedian and storyteller. She’s performed at theatres all over Chicago. She has her own web series that she wrote, produced and stars in titled “Kam Kardashian” about the long lost lesbian Kardashian sister. She also has a play, “Me, My Mom and Sharmila,” which is about the multitude of her identities, about being brown, about her mother and about Sharmila Tagore. Find out more about her on her website.

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