Mindy Lahiri Finds a Nanny, And Then Gets Sued For Slave Labor

by Shilpa Prasad

*Spoiler Alert

Mindy Lahiri is enjoying her time alone at home since Danny is across the country. She can wear her favorite pajamas (that Danny Costellano hates), eat food in bed, and hog all the covers. Life is goooood for Mindy—except for the fact that Danny’s mom Annette, who is living with her to take care of Leo, is completely taking over. She wakes Mindy up before 6:00 a.m., walks in on her while she’s showering and has the whole living room covered with clothes left to dry. The best part—Annette has been secretly tasting Mindy’s breast milk and claims it taste like Long Island Iced Tea. Needless to say, privacy is a completely foreign word to her.

In order to solve her mother-in-law problem, Mindy starts interviewing candidates for potential babysitters. After interviewing many nannies, she finally finds the right one who bakes and uses all organic products. And, now that Leo has a real nanny, Mindy has to tell Annette that she no longer needs her help. In order to soften the blow, she even buys two cruise tickets for Annette and Dot (Annette’s BFF). At first, it seems like Annette is completely fine with being discharged from her care-taking duties. Of course, that’s only until she decides to sue Mindy for slave labor. The two battle it out at an attorney’s office but fail to come to a concrete resolution.

Unfortunately, Mindy isn’t the only one facing a dilemma in this episode. Jody Kimball finds out that Whitney, Jeremy’s girlfriend, is doing cocaine. After telling Jeremy, it seems that Jeremy doesn’t know how to handle the situation properly. It’s pretty clear that she is just taking him for the ride, especially since he does everything for her—including her dry cleaning.

Jody hates to see that Jeremy with someone who is taking advantage of his kindness so he goes to her office to tell her to dump Jeremy in exchange for a big, fat check. The argument between the two heats up pretty quickly, so much so that the two end up sleeping together.

Wrecked with guilt after the matter, Jody doesn’t know how to tell Jeremy what happened. A perfect opportunity for Jody strikes when Mindy comes to work with baby Leo. Since Annette is gone and the nanny Mindy picked out turned out to be weird (she uses Leo as a model for the anti-vaccination campaign), Mindy has no option but to secretly bring her son to work.

While Mindy is out for surgery, Jody takes Leo to Jeremy’s office. This way, when he tells about the incident with Whitney, Jeremy can’t punch him while he’s holding the baby. At first, Jeremy is enraged but Kimball helps him realize that he needs to find someone who deserves him.

In the end, Mindy realizes that she needs Annette and goes over to her house to apologize. She explains that Annette has been there to not only take care of baby Leo but also her. (Cue the awwwwws) The two makeup and Mindy, being her typical self, forces a hug onto Annette.

What did you think of the episode? Anyone else want to see more Annette and Mindy interactions, or are you missing Danny now?

Memorable Quotes

  • “My little Mudblood son is the only reason she wakes up in the morning.” —Mindy, about Annette
  • “You want to pay me to break up with him? What are you, the dad in a Nicholas Sparks movie?” —Whitney
  • “Maybe I should find a woman I deserve. Quiet, a plain, simple girl. Maybe someone who’s gone mute since she witnessed a crime.” —Jeremy

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