One Brown Boy’s Kathak Dance Moves will Have you Dancing to Beyonce’s ‘7/11’

by BG Staff

One may think Indian classical dance, or known as kathak, can only be done to Indian classical music, but with the right beat, synchronization and choreography, even the most polar dance-song combination can click. And that is just what choreographer and dancer Rohit Gijare did. He did the unthinkable with Beyoncé’s catchy and quirky single “7/11.” 

Beyoncé’s strays away from her usual over-the-top music videos for a more simple, fun dance number that makes you want to spin and throw your hands up, and Gigare takes it up several notches by transforming it into something worth watching over and over.

Rohit1Rohit Gijare is a reputable, emerging choreographer and dancer based in the New York/New Jersey area. With more than twenty years of experience in the field, Rohit has performed on a variety of international platforms, spanning the United States and abroad. His grace and versatility have made him a sought-after performer, with a charisma and energetic stage presence that has mesmerized audiences and critics alike. For more information, visit his website and follow his Twitter

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