Pakistani British Rapper TazZz on the Special Message of his Latest Single, ‘Crying Out’


by Nila Choudhury

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After the huge success of “Ayaan” and “Jannat,” Pakistani-British rapper TaZzZ released his latest single, “Crying Out.” Another side of his journey, TazZz takes listeners on a spiritual adventure about chasing dreams and facing fears. Inspired by his personal experience, TazZz raps about how he dealt with disappointment.

“‘Crying Out’ is about how life taught me to deal with the disappointment that came around,” the rapper said. “‘Crying Out’ is my broken silence and it makes me feel strong. Sometimes you just have to bring out the voice cry within you to breathe.”

The track was sung, written and conceptualized by TazZz himself. A well-rounded artist, he tends to use his music to spread a greater message and “Crying Out” holds a powerful one.

“One of the lyrics in the track is ‘The harder you fall, The stronger you rise’ that’s exactly the motto of this song,” explained TazZz. “I hope it’s very inspirational and motivating. The response so far has been very overwhelming, I am glad everyone feels the passion. Towards the end of the video, I added my favorite quote: ‘Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words’—that sums it all up. It’s a phrase that always motivates me.”

The video is simple with TazZz roaming the streets of his hometown, London, England with a backdrop of some beautiful street art.

TazZz is known for his edgy sound but the guitar solo by Ricky Sharma in “Crying Out” adds a unique touch to the track. According to TazZz, his track felt incomplete once he edited Rimshox’s initial production. The Pakistani-British rapper said it was Sharma’s uplifting addition to the song that filled a void that was left.

“I figured out having a Live Electric Guitar would uplift the spirit and passion of the song to a whole different level,” TazZz said. “Ricky Sharma and I knew each other from before and always talked about working on a project together, so I just reached out to him and told him the script and he delivered. The vibe was absolutely amazing—the chemistry was so energetic and natural. It gave it that whole Rockstar live feel which I wanted.”

Keep it locked for more from TazZz—the rapper hopes to release his album at the start of 2017.

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