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Parineeti Chopra Schools Male Journalist About Periods and Women’s Health

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by BG Staff 

Baffled at the fact that a 24-year-old male journalist has no clue about periods, Parineeti Chopra, desperately explains the importance of learning more about our “monthly friend.” The journalist claims not to be shy about the matter, but he sure as hell tries to avoid uttering the word.

The journalist tries to ask Chopra how it feels to be prohibited from praying or visiting a temple, while on her period, but he royally fails to word  the question properly. That in turn, pushes Chopra to say, “it’s a shameful thing” that he is clueless about a woman’s health.

She goes on to say, “You have to talk about it…You can’t be shy about it.” And then explains, periods are healthy and natural!

Heard that boys? Contrary to popular belief, we don’t bite (we may cry, but never bite) during our menstrual cycle, so it’s okay, you can talk to us!

Continue the conversation below, and tell us. what is the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard from the opposite sex when on your period?


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