Parody of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ by Stony Brook University Medical School

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by BG Staff 

Our very own BG contributor Saumya Bhutani co-directed, wrote and produced a parody of “Blank Space,” by Taylor Swift, with the help of her classmates at Stony Brook University Medical School.

Aside from Saumya’s input, the video was co-directed and edited by Olivia Cheng. The catchy lyrics were written by Evan Austin, Olivia Cheng, Nicole Golbari, Gayatri Setia, and Tzvia Pinkhasov. Music was curated by Tzvia Pinkhasov.

The music video stars Saumya and her classmates who poke fun at their medical school experience using their on-campus science labs, library, medical equipment, professors and lots of creativity. The video premiered at Stony Brook University School of Medicine’s Asian Extravaganza event.

Regarding the work and inspiration behind the parody, Saumya said,

Even before I started medical school, I knew that creating medical school music video parodies was a popular trend. As someone who enjoys writing and being creative, I felt that this would be a great way for me to engage myself creatively with my classmates to create something that we could then take ownership of as a school/class. It forced me to utilize skills that I hadn’t used in a while, like organizing, coordinating and delegating. It was wonderful to collaborate with my classmates on this projects, and I really enjoyed seeing their talents, like filming, writing, editing, singing, acting, and more. So much of that is masked in the hectic environment of medical school.”

Part of the chorus says:

Cause we don’t know what we’re doing
And med school’s way too hard
You’ll leave dyspneic
or with a nasty scar
Got a long list of credentials
That means I’ve got a brain
But I’ve got a blank space, maybe
I’ll guess the name.”

And as for the remainder of our BG staff, medical students or not, nod our heads in mutual sympathy and understanding.

The music video is funny, quirky and the lyrics work well with Swift’s music. So, the next time you need a study break during med school, tune in and sing along with Saumya and her friends.

Make sure to watch the music video and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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