Piers Morgan Cut Off the Wrong Brown Girl, Experience the Ash Sarkar Clapback

Piers Morgan

Ash Sarkar’s, “I’m a Communist, you idiot!” clip from her appearance on Good Morning Britain has made its way around the Internet, and… I’ve officially found a new hero.

While on the show, Sarkar and Piers Morgan discussed her plans to march in a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump. As Sarkar attempted to explain her reasoning for joining the Stop Trump march, she was immediately and unsurprisingly, cut off by Morgan. Rather than challenging any of the points Sarkar was making, Morgan did what most folks who do not comprehend the political spectrum tend to do. He countered with a shouting match targeting former President Barack Obama’s legacy with deportation, pressing Sarkar to answer for Obama’s record and any of her corresponding actions.

First and foremost, Sarkar killed this interview. Her ability to stand her ground and passionately articulate her perspective, for me, was a much-needed representation for so many women of color who continually find themselves in similar situations. While doing so, Sarkar also raised a point that continually aggravates me: Why do so few people understand that criticism of Donald Trump does not equate to praise for Barack Obama?

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I am tired of listening to old, white men attempt to claim everything in this world is binary, including politics. There is a huge misconception that American or not, if you fundamentally disagree with the inhumane actions of the Republican Party and its figurehead, then surely you must be a supporter of the opposing side.

I understand how party identification in the United States has historically been exceptionally strong and that such polarization is even more evident when compared to multi-party systems across the rest of the West. However, the notion that denouncing Trump equates to following the centrist ideology often synonymous with the Democratic Party is both unfounded and incorrect. Which, of course, makes Sarkar’s viral statement even more relevant.

Trying to make sense of the current political climate in the United States and looking in from other parts of the West might be an ongoing challenge, but for Morgan’s information, we can multitask. What a novel idea, to not only be able to critique both the Republican and Democratic Parties in the United States but further criticize and demand more in response from our own governments in places like the UK and Canada. I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think I read something about free speech in the constitution. Though, I bet Morgan would know if you asked him.

By Serisha Iyar

erisha is a 20-something South African-Indian born in Montréal and raised just outside of Toronto. She graduated with a BA … Read more ›