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A Call From the Alpines

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A Call From the Alpines

The Alpines calleth me
From within the heart of Innsbruck;
Thee standeth tall and elegant,
with snow-covered peaks and a majestic look.

O’ what makes thee look so beguiling?
Thine fine stature or thine rugged pathway;
Alloweth me to build for myself a Castle on the camber
to visit thee in my Heyday!

Dost thy not know thine intimidating streak?
From the highest peaks at thine People thou peekst’!
Rubies, Gems and Sapphires,
hidest thee in thine Treasures deep.

I accept thine bidding with glee – O’ Mighty Alpine’
Showereth me with thine bounty divine;
Holdeth me in thine gracious arms,
that I falleth not and break my spine!

Thou serveth as a boon to thy Nation,
For wayfarers, travelers and sages who whine;
I whineth not, but merrily recline,
O’ Alpine, thou mine; I thine.

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