Poem: ‘Dear Metastatic Cancer’

by Karishma Singh Jani

So meta-static
is a paradox of meaning
meta reflective
unchanging changes defective
leaving us wondering which treatments will be effective
and if the endoscopy will be a better detective
than the biopsies’ and scans’ illusory suggestive…
But hey meta-static–
Our dynamic faith is at it
No pain will shatter it
Can’t even be mad about this
Time to clean the dust in our attic
Long over due lack in connecting it
Spread the Self’s jam of renewal to it
Metastasize your body with pure consciousness
Drop your self-importance,
Your entitled self-pity moments.
Let metastatic meet our higher version,
That stronger, capable, dreamer version,
Unstoppable optimist, always smiling without reason version.
Let metastatic meet the Creator’s subservient version,
The vessel through which God’s Light is manifested version
The Big Bang expressing itself; accepting of any pain and suffering version.

Let the ego go as the made up persona it is
Let the glory flow as the righteous owner of destiny it is
Let the cancer know who it is really dealing with
How far out can it go before snapping back according to the Creator’s whim…
Recognize that God is all that is truly within
Alongside what they call the metastatic, the Divine is eternally blooming herein…
So let go of the unconscious insanity separating you with sin
From the bliss of timeless nothingness
From the gift of the Eternal Now emptying
the past’s bucket of mistakes
and the future’s calendar of unknown dates
Breathe in every moment as a brand new, clean slate
Always Here and Now, in a dreamy ever-present state
The metastatic cancer will soon be left behind in yesterday’s burning crate
God is beyond these psychological cycles of time and space
To be liberated and enlightened, there is no wait
Metastatic is already defeated, the second we join in the Great
And feel the silent space within, no cancer could fill this Great Spirit’s place
There is no grievance here, only gratitude embracing my heart’s race
I have no doubt in God’s plans, I am humbled by God’s grace
Despite knowledge of the metastatic, I have found a peaceful, satisfied smile upon my face
I have found thankfulness for a glance inward, I have experienced a Divine taste

Nothing can defeat us because even in “death” only the brain actually dies, as our true nature is beyond this fate
The Spirit was never born and thus never dies, this is the immortal Truth underneath our lies-laced life veil’s base
The big picture here is that metastatic is but a blip on the radar, another representation of simply static suffering
Of an ego falsely projected out of perfectly balanced unity and beautiful nothingness…
What a wondrous opportunity this is to grow, and experience cosmic humor in joyously real tears,
to expand our feeling of faith, to realize oneness to conquer our full of false-self fears,
to feel the Divine’s unending embrace of love echoing infinitely deeper in our ears…
Dear Metastatic
You’re no match for your Creator’s love, power, and magic
We are prepared to fight every steaming battle with strong faith and willpower
You cannot doubt the Divine will and hour
The time to win is now and ours.

Karishma Singh Jani dropped out of high school after the 10th grade and attended Bard College at Simon’s Rock “the Early College” where she graduated with her A.A. Degree. She is currently a 3rd-year medical student at the Medical University of Lublin in Poland. She is a writer and social activist whose purpose in life is to ensure the thriving of the human race through creative self-expression, healing, and medicine. You can reach her by at karishmaSinghJani@gmail.com.

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