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Poem: ‘She Walks in Beauty’

2 min read

by Prerna Somani

“When we two collided
In frost and flame,
chipped and broken-hearted
we were as different as same.

Warm grew thy cheek and bold,
Bolder thy kiss;
Unstoppable, immovable, ’twas foretold
No magic is more real than this.

The dew of the morning
Shone like diamonds on my brows-
I could feel ancient tunes storming
in the vaults of my heart, resonating your vows.

My fears are all broken,
Thou love I unabashedly claimed;
Thee art the answer to questions I left unspoken,
I silenced my demons with the sound of your name.

They name thee with me,
A heaven to mine ear;
Shivers of anticipation comes o’er me—
I celebrate you with quivering lips, my dear

They know not how well I knew thee,
How well we synced in ebb and swell—
Long, long shall I rejoice thy touch and thee,
Too deeply to tell, in love I fell.

In secret, we met—
In silence, we danced to a fate we designed.
I revisit the fading memories of that glorious sunset,
when our lips were metaphors of souls entwined.

After long years, if again should I meet thee
The twinkle in thy eyes shall tell me if all’s the same,
how would thy like I greet thee?—
With gasps of frost, and kisses of flame.”

Prerna Somani is a 20-year-old freelance editor from Gujarat, India. Debater, dancer and dramatist, she has loved the stage like a second home. Mostly a closet poet, she began to blog her work to reach out to readers and writers who seek empathy and not validation. You can follow her on Twitter at @sparkauror and Instagram @thescrawlyst.