President Barack Obama, Instead of Good Bye I Want to Say Thank You

barack obama

by Shima Begum

Dear Barack Obama,

This letter is supposed to say goodbye to you for all the work you have done for our country. But I’d rather say thank you instead.

Thank you for giving us a dream to aspire to; for making this country feel a little less exclusive and a little more like home. For making us (immigrants, minorities, women) feel like we have not been forgotten. Also, special thanks to introducing the country to your wife, Michelle Obama, because let’s face it— you got a winner, she rocks and makes you look good through all of her kind acts, speeches, and initiatives during her time as First Lady.

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For having the courage to complete the insurmountable task of being the first African American presence and handle all of the naysayers with such grace and charm. When the first African-American man became president of the United States, a country built on the backs of slaves and minorities who have been marginalized for decades–it was perhaps one of the most important and victorious moments in American history. A true portrayal of all things coming full circle.

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For caring about women, honoring your wife, First Lady and mother of your children in front of American eyes, especially those that do not see women and men as equal beings.

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For being an example to hundreds of boys and young men who have witnessed your dedication to your family and to this country.

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For telling hard-working women, they deserve to be paid equally to their male counterparts.

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For telling new mothers they deserve to be supported in their workplace while they support their families.

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For protecting the abused women of this country and for reinforcing that sexual violence against women is unacceptable under any circumstance.

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For working so hard to make sure that we are all cared for with Obamacare. In your last days as president you’ve made sure to continue your fight for healthcare for everyone. I hope that your legacy is not taken from you.

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For connecting with the new generation through pop culture. You showed us that presidents smile and laugh too. Special thank you to your awesome dance moves.

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Most of all, thank you for showing the children of immigrants and minorities, that we too can emerge from the shadows and take charge of our futures. You showed us that we can come from places where the grass isn’t green, but bloom victoriously and unabashedly.

obama out[Photo Source/GIPHY]

shimaBorn in Bangladesh, raised as a true blue New Yorker, Shima Begum aspires to work in the health field. During her free time, she loves reading avidly and finding inspiration that she can share with those who need it through her writing.



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