RajasthaNY(C): An Ode to the Gypsy Queen That Lives Within

by Anuj Goyal Instagram

by Gayatri Bahl Instagram

The series RajasthaNY(C) encapsulates the beauty of Rajasthani tradition fused with the enchantment of New York City. Paired to the poem “Banjara,” by Ranjini Malhotra, the series is inspired to showcase the beautiful banjara, or gypsy queen, that lives in both a traditional yet contemporary world.







ghagras twirling

veils swirling

anklets tinkling

silver at her neck

how she adorns herself!

regal as a queen

but cannot conceal

her banjara soul

gypsy blood flows in her veins

a thousand stars alight upon her veil

fuchsia and orange set fire to the dusk

twilight is thick with her magic

she sways with the grace of a peacock

bends like a willow to the breeze

dances in celebration of her soul

her smile a universal knowing

none can slow her pace

beauty this wild leaves only a trace

slips airily past eyes

drunk with desire

to beguile the moon in his heaven

she answers the call of the wanderer within

casts only laughter on the restless wind

this desert rose

this woman child

this gypsy queen

this banjara

Photography & Styling: Anuj Goyal | Model: Gayatri Bahl | Makeup & Hair: Rachel Estabrook | Concept: Gayatri Bahl & Anuj Goyal | Poem: Ranjini Malhotra

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