Roy Moore: ‘As a Rape Victim, I am Furious You’ve Made it this Far and Wonder When the Cycle Will Stop’

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by Vaidehi Gajjar – Follow @vgajjar95

The following open letter is written to Judge Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate, who has been accused of accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers aged 14 to 28, and several others have described him pursuing a romantic relationship with them when he was in his 30s. He continues to deny the sexual assault allegations and refuses to step down—instead, President Donald Trump recently said we “have to listen to him, also.” 

Dear Roy,

As a rape victim myself, I’m furious that you’ve even made it as far as you have. I keep wondering when the cycle will stop. When will men who don’t deserve to represent this country be rightfully thrown to the bottom where they belong? How can you blatantly stand in front of people and deny what you know you did? In a radio interview of yours, you mentioned that you allegedly “didn’t remember” whether the things women were accusing you of were true.

How do you forget something like that? How do you forget taking a girl’s innocence from her, for the rest of her life? You have two daughters, Ory and Heather. If they had been sexually assaulted, would you have expected their attacker to “forget” what they did?

You’re running for a Senate seat, a seat that quite frankly your morals are nowhere NEAR fit for. A Senate seat requires integrity and morals. Neither of which you possess.

But here’s the funny thing. While I am disappointed in you, I’m not surprised. Before you it was Harvey Weinstein, it was Brock Turner. You’re part of a disappointing and sick burden, whose guilt and shame is carried by the women people like you prey on.

Just the other day, while I was on my social media…I came across a post where a woman wanted to distance herself from males that sent suggestive images and messages, males that thought that they are entitled to a response to their obscenity. She was met with an amazing amount of understanding, from so many people, myself included. But then there was one male, who reminded me so much of cowardly boys like you. He tried to explain that women should just, “ignore it.” He tried to implicate the woman, saying it was her fault, much like you have calling Beverly Young a “sensationalist leading a witch hunt.”

Let me tell you something Roy, you are NOT, and I repeat NOT entitled to a woman’s body. No male is. A woman’s body is not your property, not your playground.

As long as women are to simply “deal with and ignore” males like yourself, the problem you have contributed to will never go away.

You’ve refused to step down from the Senate race. Instead, you say your Republican contender Mitch McConnell should be the one stepping down, saying, “He has failed conservatives, and must be replaced.” Well, that’s an interesting statement, Roy. You’ve failed manhood, and should be replaced. But here you are. You’re quite pathetic and laughable if I do say so myself, even though you truly make my boil.

I’m going to give you solid statistics. No fake news here. In a study from 2000 conducted by the Bureau of Justice, it was found that only 28 percent of victims report their sexual assault to the police. Want more? Victims of rape and attempted rape who did not report to the police did not report for a number of reasons. Forty-three percent of victims did not report because they thought that nothing could be done, and 27 percent thought it was a private matter, while 12 percent were afraid of the police response, and 12 percent felt it was not important enough to report.

These statistics exist because of lowlifes like yourself. Predators like YOU are the reason victims are afraid to speak out. It’s not because they “want to create a spectacle.”

But guess what? We’re finding our voices now. And that means your days are numbered. You deserve to be punished and punished you will be.

Also, one last thing. Notice how I didn’t refer to you once as a man. I did this on purpose. You’re not fit to be called a man. You’re a stain on manhood.


A strong woman that isn’t afraid to call you out.

By Vaidehi Gajjar

Vaidehi Gajjar is a writer, editor, and mental health advocate heavily involved in South Asian mental health through various nonprofits … Read more ›