Sanaya Set — A Seasonal Subscription Box That Serves a Real Purpose for Womxn of Color

by Rida Islam

Dallas [Intuitive] is passionate about using our platform to nurture a creative community and support individuals who are challenging the norms. Representation begins with us, so we along with countless others use our voice to talk about diversity, mental health, culture, social issues, and issues pertaining to womxn of color all within the scope of creativity and inspiration. We have never been solely a platform for fashion, but rather focus on the cross-section of arts, culture, and fashion as a medium through which we talk about the forces that surround us. Ultimately, we believe that there is more to our time here beyond the material and we are committed to making a positive impact in our communities.

It is especially inspiring to see that we are not alone in our thinking and that there are tons of fearless womxn who are making moves, such as the ladies from Sanaya Set. Sanaya Set is a company that sources and curates lifestyle products that promote self-care and social justice. Tarul, Sandy, and Tejal—the ladies behind Sanaya Set—were influenced by their first-generation upbringing and focused on intersectional feminism and the equality for race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, class, and religion. Remaining true to their mission, each product sourced for the seasonal set is focused on social justice and equality.

Each seasonal box is a reflection of their values and focuses on collaborating with womxn-owned businesses, and even better—the founders designate 10 percent of the net proceeds towards a different nonprofit each season. So, for the spring set, they’ve chosen to donate to the American Civil Liberties Union —a national organization that works daily in courts, legislatures, and communities to defend the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

Below are all the beautifully sourced items you’ll find in the spring set:

  • The Sudara “Anju” robe was one of my favorites and is handcrafted in India by womxn working to remain free from sex slavery. Sudara is a Certified Benefit Corporation and each purchase goes towards creating jobs for these resilient womxn looking to take back their lives. The robe was super soft & versatile, so you could even wear it out over a tank and destroyed denim.

  • The Claws Out nail polish in “Resistance” designates 10 percent of their proceeds to the ACLU as well. It’s a vegan, five-free, family-owned business that makes great quality nail polish. I frankly don’t like to get my nails professionally done, so I loved the convenience of a high-quality lacquer in this bold red color. It was super easy to apply and fast drying.

  • Hi Wildflower’s “Gulabi Gang” lipstick is an ethically sourced, vibrant pink lip color inspired by the Gulabi Gang, a movement of womxn in India combatting domestic violence. I love experimenting with lipstick shades, especially when there is cute packaging involved, plus there is something really special about wearing a color that represents the strength of the Gulabi Gang.

  • “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” is a New York Times bestseller and a captivating autobiography about Maya Angelou’s life. The book is both light & dark at times, highlighting the struggles of African Americans and the complexities of race & culture. I haven’t finished the book in its entirety yet, but I have always been such a fan of Angelou’s work, and I live for this writing style.

  • Theo is an organic and fair trade certified chocolate company that supports families in Congo and Peru. Their Bread & Chocolate bar is 70 percent dark chocolate. While I particularly don’t like dark chocolate, I actually enjoyed the saltiness of the breadcrumbs and frankly chocolate in any form is always a good thing, right?

  • Nandi Ramotar’s lotus necklace is a delicate piece that would be perfect for everyday wear or even to layer with other necklaces. The lotus represents resilience and proves that even from the depths, beautiful things grow, which I found really inspiring.

What makes Sanaya Set different from other subscription boxes is that there is a real sense of understanding and intention into each of these products. There are no fillers, every product in the box is carefully curated and embodies a different type of social consciousness, which I find to be impactful. Sanaya Set proves that as womxn of the diaspora, we can use our resources to incorporate social consciousness into the mainstream while advocating for the marginalized.

It doesn’t have to be complicated and can be as simple as supporting your local brown girls and being aware of your impact as a consumer. So if you’re looking to explore new brands and make an impact, visit Sanaya Set’s website to learn more about their mission and products, and place an order today

Rida Islam is a Dallas-based creative who loves talking mental health, culture, arts, food, and fashion. She’s worked professionally in mental health for the past decade and is the Chief Editor for Dallas [Intuitive], as well as the founder of Rida’s Pop-Up Shop.
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