sheplantslove’s Organic Butter is Perfect for Your Body and Hair — Just not Your Toast!

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The first time I saw sheplantslove’s product, I was so impressed with how it looked and felt. Light and airy – just like whipped butter I would put on my toast. To my dismay (or not), it was butter for my body and hair. When you think of butter for the body, you think it’s heavy and oily and sticky.

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The butter surpassed all the negative restrictions I had in my mind. Firstly, it’s completely organic. With only seven ingredients, you know you’re putting a non-filler, synthetic-free product on your body. What’s the next best thing, you ask? The smell! It is to die for – the lavender essential oil really creates a relaxing and soothing experience. Consider it a little self-care, aromatherapy massage in a jar.

Believe it or not, it’s not sticky at all! With heavy oils like coconut and shea butter, you would think that would be the case—nope! It melts instantly and dissolves right into the skin with a warm touch, leaving your skin moisturized but without the greasiness.

The best part about this product is its versatility because this hair and body butter can be used in so many ways. From body moisturizer to lip balm to a gel to set your eyebrows or as a hair mask or hairspray/pomade, you need this in your makeup bag!

But, the makeup bag isn’t the only place for it! I’ve found other uses: From my three-month-old nephew’s massage oil to my multi-purpose uses of this product, and to being my mom’s go-to when she needs a head massage, this product has really become a family favorite!


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