Shloka Narang Talks About What it Takes to be a Successful Influencer

The Silk Sneaker, or Shloka Narang, is championing diversity through her job as a full-time content creator. Born and brought up in Bombay, Shloka moved to London with the initial plan to study films. However, she noticed her analytical skills early on and decided to venture into the field of business and marketing. Writing became her hobby and so, she started her own website, The Silk Sneaker. On the website, she has tips and tricks geared towards lifestyle and fashion. She giggles,

It’s more complicated than putting on an outfit, clicking a picture, and posting.

In a world where blogging is taking center stage, read on to find out what makes a content creator and how to stay dedicated to the life of blogging.

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It all started in 2015 when Narang wrote a blog about her trip to Bali. She mentions that she tends to not make it all about fashion because her main goal is to attract viewers and build a community. “Authenticity” is the key to fostering a community, she notes. Narang points out that the value you are adding is more important than what you are wearing. And, that’s her simple strategy.

Shloka Narang is the ideal role model for a brown girl trying to make a name in the creative field of being an influencer and she helps BG answer some questions in order to give our readers an idea of what it’s like behind the scenes.

What’s your sense of style and how do you incorporate that into your work?

That’s one of the hardest questions! I think my sense of style is classic with a twist, more on the trendy side. Hence, my domain name, The Silk Sneaker. It’s a symbol of laid back luxury and speaks for my aesthetic style and my Indian heritage with a modern edge. I don’t see myself as dressing up head to toe in designer brands because I love to keep it real as well.


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Thoughts about being a Brown Girl in this field of work?

I am so, so proud of how far girls in India especially have come along as content creators. We have so much passion for style and it shows! However, there are a few drawbacks. One is the widespread concept of being fair that still persists. That is why I love being an influencer, I get to tell girls to love being in their own skin — THROW THAT FAIRNESS CREAM AWAY! Apart from that, there are so many makeup brands that aren’t suited for girls like me…this is what got me into this field in the first place!

Give us one blogging tip.

Plan months beforehand — that’s how SEO works — you have to be able to plan for Christmas looks in October because your audience will most likely look for it in December…you always have to look out for what your public wants to see.

So, how do you actually attract readers and increase viewers?


Being consistent with your posts is ideal. Narang also emphasizes the importance of evolving. You evolve, and your viewers will notice. And, interact! Interact with your audience. Again, it’s the concept of building a community. People are not there just to like and comment on your content. She adds,

I am nothing without my followers, and I make sure to make them feel that way as well.

That is why you can see Narang sincerely asking her followers questions and making it easy for people to contact her on her website. At the end of the day, she makes it seem like it’s not all about the numbers. Once, you think outside of the number of likes and followers, you will start to present content for the people.


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How much work do you have to put in?

I have a lovely team of photographers, including my ever-supportive fiance. Apart from them, I really am not great at delegating tasks! So I am kind of a one-woman team. I edit and do all that fun stuff myself. And, people around me call me a workaholic! But, as cliche as it may sound, work doesn’t seem like work if you’re having fun. If my day starts at 8 AM, I’ll probably be in meetings and creating content until I head to bed at night, with some time off to head to the gym, etc. Even if I am working non-stop, this is my niche and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You have lovely locations for your posts. What goes through your mind while choosing a location?

Anywhere with good lighting! It’s not what’s behind you, it’s what you are wearing and promoting in front of the location. Again, I believe that it’s all about the value you are adding.


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And, here is the million-dollar question! How do you make money? Many may assume that blogging isn’t a real job, what do you have to say about that?

Well, first of all, my parents were very open-minded and supportive of my decision to blog full-time, and so I started making money off of it early on. Mainly, I freelance with brands (only the ones I actually love and approve of!).

Bloggers and influencers always have these amazingly curated and color-coordinated pictures! What apps do you use?

I personally use Adobe, but many Instagrammers actually sell their filters, which is so cool. But, I’d also use VSCO any day!

Your favorite trend?!

HEADBANDS! You can find the nicest ones on Etsy! And, of course, I love how influencers are moving away from the overly posed pictures and putting out more natural content, really helps the viewers embrace reality.


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