Steal Their Style: The Celebrity Hair Authorities You Need to Shadow

Has winter drabness left you yearning to switch up your look? If you need spring hair inspo ASAP, check out the hair authorities of film and TV we’ve been obsessing over lately (and why we think you should be too).

Hannah Simone: Sleek and Straight

The character ‘Cece’ played by British-born, half-Indian actor Hannah Simone in the hit sitcom New Girl sports the most envious long, silky-straight locks during the earliest seasons of the show. Simone’s naturally thick hair makes her the perfect candidate for this uber-sleek style, which is offset with a heavy retro fringe to give it volume and personality.


If you’re going to attempt a super sleek look like this, read our guide on banishing frizz once and for all. Prep your hair with a deeply nourishing hair oil such as Argan or Rose Hip, and resist the temptation to turn your straighteners up to their highest temperature setting, as low and slow will preserve the quality of the hair strands and avoid burnt ends!

Mindy Kaling: Practical Chic

Kaling’s arrival on the scene marked another step forward for positive representation of females of South Asian-descent landing lead roles in US films and TV shows. Her show The Mindy Project gives voice to a modern millennial tale about the highs and lows of a brains-and-beauty bosslady looking for love. Kaling has rocked an armada of understated glam hairstyles across the show’s six seasons, such as ombréd mid-length loose waves and the renowned pixie crop, which always strike a realistic balance between the demands facing a busy career woman and the desires of a style-conscious singleton. On behalf of all us 9-5 ladies: Mindy, we salute you.


For the driven career-woman with an eye on her own personal style, Kaling’s hairstylist works hard to give her an effortless air of laid-back luxe. For highlighted and balayage styles, befriending a really good colorist is an excellent idea to avoid any self-inflicted brassy mistakes or unnatural placement of color. To get the look of Mindy’s ultra-short cropped hair, the addition of black hair color to darken your natural hue will not only emphasize the sharp lines of this stylish cut but also enhance shine.

Deepika Padukone: Bollywood Starlet

Deepika Padukone makes being at the top of your game look easy. Having just made this year’s Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People 2018 list, Bangalore-raised Padukone remains one of the highest-paid female actors in Bollywood cinema and with a mountain of blockbuster titles under her belt (along with a foray into Hollywood cinema), it’s not hard to see why. Her style harnesses that somehow-effortless old school red carpet glamour characterized by long, wavy starlet hair alongside a range of flawless updo looks.


Take a leaf out of Deepika’s immaculately-kept book by pushing all the hair away from your face. Firstly, prep with a ball of styling mousse (and/or serum if you’re prone to frizz) and blow dry straight with a flat paddle brush to push back all those tricky little flyaway hairs. If you’re pinning the hair up, secure your style at the back with carefully concealed bobby pins to hold it all down before locking it in place with a generous misting of shine hairspray to finish.

Priyanka Chopra: Model Citizen

She may have been crowned Miss World in 2000, but you’d be totally mistaken for thinking that the singer/actress was anything like a typical ‘pageant queen’ stereotype. As well as being one of showbiz’s most illustrious and highest-paid stars, Chopra is a longtime UNICEF ambassador and supporter of many notable causes. While her campaigning for children’s rights, gender equality, and environmental causes have proven that Priyanka is way more than just a pretty face, we can’t help but also admire her edgy, cool-girl hairstyles of tousled bedhead waves and face-flattering semi-bangs.


As you would expect from a trailblazer, Priyanka’s look is all about experimenting and she isn’t afraid to take a risk (or two). Whether it’s a statement hair accessory or a wide-brimmed fedora hat to give your outfit that ‘off-duty model’ vibe, you only need to look towards this season’s hottest spring trends for ideas.

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