Superwoman and Humble The Poet Bring Light To The Word #Leh

by Trisha Arora 

YouTube sensation Superwoman (aka Lilly Singh) and spoken word artist Humble The Poet (aka Kanwer Singh) bring a common Punjabi household word like “leh” to the limelight.

We’ve watched Superwoman and Humble The Poet rise to stardom with their YouTube videos, poetry, spontaneous personalities and for stepping outside of the norm. But, they take it up a notch for their newest project, “#LEH,” by joining forces to produce a one-of-a-kind music video that hilariously portrays the life of millennials.

The rap duo stays true to their swagged-out personalities by starting off this catchy music video posing as stuck up rich kids with fancy cars, houses and shoes, but towards the middle of the shoot, they ditched the designer clothes for a fun jam session with their friends and plenty of pizza.

Superwoman was super cute and fly as usual, first rocking big shades, leopard print heels and jewelry, but then opting for her signature snapback-and-t-shirt-look. And well, Humble was humble as always, spitting catchy lines and sporting his full-face beard!

4 thousand dollars on a purse… LEH
Still got tuition bills to pay… LEH
Swiping daddy’s card at the club… LEH
Tweeting ’bout life being hard… LEH

Say you hate mama, cause she’s dumb… LEH
Living free, eating good food, no rent…
Say you hate drama queens like your friends…
But girl you the one with the crown on your head… LEH

OMG LOL, you got us saying LEH, you ridiculous as hell [x2]

3 hundred-dollar headphones… LEH
Always spending all your money on some stupid sh*t…
Drive around in your mama’s car… LEH
But you frontin like it’s yours… LEH
(Chip in gas money)

Thinking you a gift to women… LEH
Internet the only way you getting with’em… LEH
You really really thinking that you pimpin boy… HEH
cause you rock a haircut from Mad Men…
(Grow a beard sucka!)

Well, these are just some of the many lines you will instantly chuckle listening to, because whether you live it or not, your friends on Instagram  and Facebook sure do. Watch the rest for yourself! #LEH

Their message was clear: don’t be someone you are not. Just be real and true to yourself! And as we say at Brown Girl: keep it smart, hip and beautiful!

With more than one million views since their big 4 p.m. release on July 1, the music video has caught the attention of big media houses such as The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and The Times of India.

What is more impressive is that Superwoman came up with the idea herself and each artist wrote their own lyrics, but we wouldn’t expect any less from these multi-talented Indo-Canadians.

In addition to the rap duo, the video’s stylist was fashion blogger Ess Kay Ji. The music production was by the Durrani Brothers, video production was by  Digitology and production assistance by The Glass Museum. Other rising stars featured on the video were  Rapper B Magic( aka The Brown Magician), graphic illustrator Inkquisitive, Food Network Canada’s “Recipe To Riches” winner Rick MatharuASAPScience and Canada’s “Got Talent” finalist Broken Dance.

If you like the clothes in the music video, you can buy the #LEH t-shirt from Superwoman’s clothing line and Humble’s fab “See a Singh” sweater at SeeASingh.

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