Take Your Workouts to the Next Level and Be More Efficient


Life can get busy and it’s often tough to find the time to work out. Sometimes all you can even manage to sneak in is 20 minutes but a short workout is better than nothing if you’re doing it right. Here are some quick tips on how to work out more efficiently when you have less time but want to get your exercise in a few times a week!

Proper Form

This one should go without saying, but a lot of people don’t realize how much of a difference this makes. If you have less time to work out, doing your exercises in proper form is vital. For example, if you are squatting, your back should be flat and your knees should not be passing your toes. For pushups, your body should be parallel to the ground. If you are unsure on form, make sure you Google it prior to beginning your routine.

Morning Workouts

I know it’s tough to wake up in the morning already, but if you have busy weeknights and weekends, morning workouts can really help get your workout in. Whether it is going to the gym, doing a home workout video, or even just going for a jog, working out in the morning can really positively affect your scheduled workout.

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Switch It Up

A great way to have more effective workouts is to section them out. If you do legs one day, do arms the next day, and abs the day after that. Structuring your routine this way will allow you to not overwork your muscle groups and there will be fewer tears and recovery involved. And that way, you can have healthier and more effective workouts with less soreness.

Social Workouts

Everyone has a hard time with evening workouts because of busy schedules, but what if some of those evening hangouts involved a workout session? Yoga and dinner? A walk in the park, then a drink? There are ways to fit workouts in your schedule with friends so make it happen if you can!

Rest Days

Resting sounds counterintuitive but without rest days, your workouts will not be efficient. Your body needs rest and time to recover, and without them, it’s likely that your workouts will not be as effective, as your body will be weaker and you won’t perform at full potential. Take rest days as needed.

Got any more tips for more efficient workouts? Put them in the comments below!

By Karishma Sharma

Karishma is a Bollywood and Belly Dance Fitness Instructor based in New York, New York. She strives to be a … Read more ›

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