‘Would You Like Some Tea?’: A Love Poem for Tea.

[Photo courtesy: Amanda Khan.]

by Amanda Khan

This is a love poem about how the comfort of tea can keep us grounded during hard times and reminds us of the many positive constants in our life we often forget. Chai being one of those constants for brown children everywhere. During these challenging times, I turn to this beverage to center my sanity, avoid alcoholism, and be the comfort of home away from home. It’s a love poem for tea and hopefully an inspiring poem of knowing the way even in times of hopelessness, feeling lost, and alone.

This poem is for all the desi foreign exchange students who are away studying at school, missing their moms cooking. For all the Guyanese children sent to America to have a better life but are missing their home and family. And most importantly, for all the brown children left behind hoping to one day join their family in the U.S. May this poem be a comforting reminder that you can press the warm cup to your bare chest, close your eyes and you are home. Mom just made chai for you.

Would you like some tea?

For when this feeling of lost isn’t worth the cost

Would you like some Tea?


For when you fail

And feel like you’ll never prevail

Would you like some Tea?


When you feel alone

And can’t define where’s home

Would you like some tea?


Another year gone by in a hurry

Gobbled up like all the curry

Would you like some tea?


You have delivered you to where you are

And while you know the destination is far

Would you like some tea?


Because you know the way

Do not dismay

Drink some tea

me-foodAmanda Khan is an Indo-Guyanese food entrepreneur living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has a great job working for the county as a Human Service Officer. She has a local food business dedicated to preserve her Indian and Guyanese history and sustain her culture. She also has a blog where she writes about curry, aunties, chai, and her family, all with a political flare. You can follow Amanda’s blog at misskhanmpls.com and order food locally here!

By Amanda Khan

Amanda Khan is a first generation daughter of immigrants from Guyana and she is coming for everything her family crossed … Read more ›