The Benefits of Auricular Therapy and Ear Seeds

Auricular Therapy

On a summer morning in Boston, I was in my hotel room about to get ready for the day. As I was coming out of the shower, without realizing that water had been on the bathroom floor, I slipped and fell. I quickly managed to grab hold of the sink faucet to catch part of my fall. This was the scariest moment being that I was away from home and without my family. I felt nauseous, had a panic attack come on and didn’t even know what was hurting. My whole body went numb.

Laying on the bathroom floor, I mustered up the courage to get myself up and process what had happened. I was okay, I was stable and being that I’m a yoga teacher I used my breathing tools to help me come back to the moment and relax.

After I came back home to New York, I started to experience cracking, popping and sharp pain in my shoulder and elbow. I was scared to find out what may be broken or wrong in my arm being that I have never suffered a physical injury. I was terrified because I needed my arm for my career as a full-time yoga teacher.

After visiting the Orthopedist, I was diagnosed with a SLAP Tear in my labrum. I was told that it would heal with physical therapy and so I got right to it. However, the pain was undeniable and I felt it every moment of my day. I couldn’t keep my mind off it because I was forced to go from doing handstands and crazy yoga poses to nothing and that truly brought on my anxiety. At that moment, I knew I needed a quick fix and I turned to ear seeds to help give me that relief.

Auricular therapy also known as ear acupuncture originates in traditional Chinese Medicine. Ear seeds are tiny metal beads placed along with points on your ear that represent different organs. These seeds stay on for 5-7 days allowing them to have a prolonged effect on your body. They help to regulate the energy flow through the meridians or pathways on your ear to alleviate all types of pain.

Ear seeds have been so beneficial to me in helping ease symptoms of physical pain and anxiety. These tiny seeds press down on the pressure points targeted to give you relief from the issue that you are experiencing. It’s essentially acupressure. These seeds are like tiny crystal stickers.

Many people experience chronic back pain or body pains in general from stress, injury or trauma. They say that taking an anti-inflammatory such as Motrin or Advil will help reduce the symptoms and in turn reduce the pain. Many people don’t know that pain-medications work on neurotransmitters in the mind. Our brain perceives the amount of pain and then it tells our body to feel that. This is also the reason why many people have a stronger threshold of pain versus others. It starts in the mind. There are so many methods of alternative healing in today’s world and one that has helped me a lot is the Auricular therapy or ear seeds. I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from anxiety or chronic pain. It truly helped to take the edge off for me until I began to heal.

By Nandini Trivedi

A New York Native, Nandini attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where she got her degree in marketing. After working … Read more ›