The Nostalgia of Love and the Sorrow of Breaking Up

When we were children, love was such a fluid thing. It was given so freely, with no devious or ill intentions. Love was a genuine, innocent, and simple concept. It was something so easily felt and expressed. When we were children, our hearts were an open book.

Now love is something that is barricaded and hidden. People’s flaws and mistakes take priority in the eyes of the world. Differences that once made us unique now hinder us from forming relationships. Jealousy and insecurities obstruct us from opening our hearts to the world. Small talk takes precedence over meaningful conversations. People avoid connection and let relationships break apart.

We are no longer connecting with other human beings. Every handshake and greeting is now out of formality. Everyone is trying to fit in, instead of being their authentic self. People are slowly becoming afraid to love and let people in. People’s hearts are no longer open books.

The Sorrowful Souvenir

You will forever be embossed in my heart,
How I feel tormented by your depart.
Your love and support is my remedy,
Stored in the deepest of memories.

When you’re young, your heart’s an open book.
A childhood where love is all you
Making nostalgia the crook

The type of innocent love
With its sorrowful music
Leaves you on the verge of tears

And when it dissipates with time
It leaves you with insecurities as souvenirs.

Memories make love feel like forever,
Your heart’s poured into creating them
And cannot be shared with whomever.

But now…
My name, never appearing once in your mind.
As you already leave me behind

Realizing it lost value in your eyes
I now know

It was all just emptiness in disguise

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By Sanjana Karthik

Sanjana Karthik is a grade ten student from Semiahmoo Secondary. She dedicates her time to volunteering, where she has accumulated … Read more ›