This Govinda and Drake Mashup Will Be Your New Obsession


by Hera Ashraf

Before “Hotline Bling,” there was “What is Mobile Number” from the Bollywood film, “Haseena Maan Jaayegi.” This iconic track starring Govinda and Karishma Kapoor was all the rage back in 1999 and is still considered a Bollywood classic.

Flash forward to 2015 and Drake’s first ever No. 1 solo on the Billboard’s Hot 100 List has taken the social media world by storm. There are countless memes and vines for every situation featuring clips from the music video, “Hotline Bling” apparel and phone cases are a big trend, and let’s be real, we all can’t get that catchy tune out of our heads.

But here comes along a remix of “Hotline Bling” and “What is Mobile Number” that may actually replace your addiction to the two originals. Created TesherMusic on YouTube, this mashup will make you believe that Drake was actually inspired by Govinda and Karishma’s moves and these two songs were never meant to be separate.

Watch the video below:

The way the Bollywood choreography seamlessly blends in with “Hotline Bling” will have you copying these moves for your next South Asian wedding event!

The great news is this remix is downloadable so you can listen to it nonstop wherever you are! It is a part of TesherMusic’s album, “Bolly Wars,” which features other mashups of Indian music with today’s latest hits, like a bhangra remix of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”

This album can be purchased at or heard at You can also follow TesherMusic on Facebook at to stay updated with any new mashup releases!

Will this track be your new jam? Let us know what you think in the comments below and share the love with your friends!

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