This is so healthy (in sarcastic voice).

by Simerjeet Sahota – Ohio State University Graduate

Good news, I wasn’t as upset with clothes as I thought (you were worried I know). In fact, after a much needed break, I realized me and clothing have this bond. This amazing, unbreakable bond. Yes, we fight, we get mad at each other, we don’t talk for a while. And then we work it out; I see an amazing vintage YSL dress or hear of a ridiculous new collaboration (Tucker and Target, Valentino and Gap (only in Europe. Unfortch. There’s always eBay.), Lavin and H&M – what the what?), I forgive and forget.

What I’m saying is we work it out, because at the end of the day we need each other. I need clothes to distract me from work and real life adult responsibilities. Clothes need me to look at them (they don’t exist if I don’t. At least that’s what I like to believe). In the end, I remembered I’m not really mad at the clothes, I’m mad at the ridiculousness that is the fashion industry. It’s sometimes extremely overwhelming and daunting to process the shows, trends, designers, every season. Also, I resent the fact that I am forced to look at clothes meant to be worn in 80 degree weather when it feels like it’s 30 degrees now (damn you winter. Damn you).

Well now that me and clothes are on good terms, I’m going to give you, a la NYFashion week, my roundup of Milan and Paris. I loved the Milan and Paris shows if only for the reason that old, solid fashion houses show up and remind us why they’re still around. And then even the younger designers have to step their game up, so to speak. So here are a sample of the fab designs I hearted. Don’t forget to check out your faves at

Azzaro A cute dress presented in a unique manner. The bow's placement and the gathered top of the dress = simple and sexy.
Balenciaga Why is this included? 1. It's balenciaga. 2. It's different and fantastic. Sheer overlays are this whole movement for next spring and although I'm not a fan, it's done beautifully here. Plus this is a nice departure from the feminine and minimalism trends that have dominated the runways.
Christian Dior Fun. Flirty. Summer-y (not a word. But I like making nouns adjectives). I love the cut of this jacket and the color. I bow down to you Dior.

Emilio Pucci I tend to think of bold, borderline annoying prints when I think about Pucci. This dress is totally the opposite. Fun, bold, and uber different. Love it.

You can see the rest of Simerjeet’s picks on her blog.

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