Top Canadian Host Zara Durrani Looks to Take Fashion, Style and Spirituality to American Shores

Model and actress Zara Durrani, host of the widely popular talk show Life Style with Zara, announced that she is working with production companies to bring a new, edgier version of the show to a wider audience in the United States. The entertainment show in its current form presents a fashionable, modern take on spirituality with celebrity lifestyle interviews.

Following a two year run on local Canadian television channels like CHEK and Joy TV that brought her brand to millions of homes, the show continued online with guests as varied as 2014 Miss America Nina Davuluri to environmental activist Severn Cullis-Suzuki. With more than 50 episodes between them, Life & Style with Zara Durrani was a consistent presence in Canadian homes, sometimes airing 10 times a week.

Durrani, who is also known for her appearances on hit television programs “Arrow” on the CW Network and “Psych” on the USA Network, has long used her platform to inspire audiences. Born in Pakistan, Durrani studied yoga in Bali before heading to Canada and embarking a series of acting and hosting gigs including gritty crime drama film “Mapleheart” and her earlier fashion program “VanEssence.”

I was introduced to Life & Style with Zara Durrani a few years back through an associate who watches and follows the show faithfully. Ever since, I have been one of the many supporters of this entertaining, enlightening, and educational series that sheds light on culture, current events and celebrity lifestyle and fashion. The center piece that makes the series successful and engaging is Ms. Zara Durrani herself. Her inviting personality, quick wit and charm brings the show to life and keeps you wanting more. She stands out as an extremely likeable host and entertainer. I am excited about the plan to bring this program to the United States. Life & Style with Zara Durrani would have an open array of interesting content here in the United States that would attract scores of viewers.”

– Deji LaRay, CEO Artistar Entertainment

The move to bring Zara’s offerings to the US are not just a matter of transference, but re-imagining the program for a new, wider market.

It was time to grow and take it to a bigger audience,” says Durrani. “I know in Los Angeles there’s a huge spiritual community and movement, but also entertainment.”

It’s that balance between spiritual living and fashionable lifestyle that Durrani’s program specializes in. The new American version would look to combine the Entertainment Tonight aspects of VanEssence, the Oprah-style empowerment of Life & Style with Zara and her unique perspective on the spiritual life. With on-location interviews and laid-back guest rapport, the reboot also hopes to be distinctly edgier than its Canadian forbearer.

It’s been really amazing for me,” says Durrani. “Bringing on people who have done amazing things, showing audiences they can reach for their dreams, I really think this show will be really inspiring to new viewers.”

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