Thottapilly Family Still Missing After California Road Trip

UPDATE: As of April 17, 2018, the Thottapilly family have been declared dead. Sources claim that the bodies of the family were found near Eel River in California. Sushma Swaraj has stated that she is working with the families in India on the process of enabling their visa in order to travel to California for the funeral. No reports have been given on funeral services, but it is asked that the family is given warm wishes and thoughts throughout the whole process.

On March 30, the Thottapilly family had left their home in Valencia, California for a trip to Oregon (about 900 miles).

The family consisted of Sandeep and Soumya Thottapilly, their 12-year-old son Siddhant and nine-year-old daughter Saachi. The Thottapilly family planned to make a stop on the return route of their road trip in San Jose, but that apparently did not occur and no contact has been made with the family.

After getting reports about a missing Honda Pilot, the family’s car, the state’s highway patrol set out to look for the vehicle. Once it was confirmed that the SUV had gone missing near a rain-swollen river in Mendocino County, authorities began search teams from multiple agencies — but they were not able to search the river over the weekend due to it being deemed unsafe.

Sushma Swaraj Ji, has since been working with investigators with the assurance that the family will be found.

If anyone has seen the family or comes across any evidence of their whereabouts, it is asked that authorities are informed as soon as possible.

Watch more about the family’s disappearance below:

By Anjali Bhakta

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