Trisha Arora’s Vlog: Pushing Forward One Year After Her Dad’s Passing

by Payal Shah

Losing a loved one is intensely overwhelming and emotionally exhausting, but Brown Girl Trisha Arora’s vlog  gives us a glimpse of hope because we hear how she bravely handled everything that came after the passing of her father, Ravi Kant.

After listening to Vlog #2, it helps me understand that as beautiful as life may be, numerous obstacles get in our way that show life’s ugly side too. For Trisha, that was losing her best friend and number one supporter, her late father.

After watching the video above, it’s clear to see that there is hope in life’s must ugly truths because Trisha has pushed beyond all limits to continue following her dreams and make her passions a reality.

One of Trisha’s biggest take away from her vlog is to always talk to people about your problems, be it health, financial or personal. She wishes her dad spoke to her about his heart problem because, maybe, she and her family could have done something to help him.

We salute Trisha’s strength in sharing her heartfelt story and giving an inside look at the many issues and problems she had to immediately deal with after losing her dad.

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We will continue to follow her vlog and highlight all that she’s doing for her career and the community—especially how she’s trying to help other people who have also lost loved one. So, if you recently lost a loved one or want to send Trisha some love, Tweet her @TrishaKArora!

Vlogs are considered YouTube’s finest, where the vlogger will take the viewer on a journey with them. It’s an audio and visual diary, an outlet to explore and let it out. Trisha’s vlog took the viewer on a journey, similar to other YouTube vlogs. Only this time, it was a journey of loss,  hope and love.

Payal Shah is the new summer intern at Brown Girl Magazine. She is a student on her way to do big things. She is a lover of lifestyle and culture related writing and 90s sitcoms. Shah is also passionate about life.

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