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Watch the latest Desi Response to SketchSHE’s Video: ‘Punjabi Mime Through Time’

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by Payal Shah

Recently, there’s been an interesting trend going viral on the Internet, it involves the use of time-lapse videos to showcase different cultural and musical time periods. You may have heard of the “Mime Through Time” video by SketchSHE, a well-crafted journey through different periods of music done by three women sitting in a car.

In response to SketchSHE’s original video,  Kiran Rai, Gurkiran Sidhu and Harleen Dhaliwal created a Bhangra version, which showcases the numerous changes Punjabi music has undergone throughout time.

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There are tidbits of Bhangra tunes, and with each snippet, all three girls change their hair, makeup and clothes to match the time period. It starts out with classic Bhangra and ends with modern-day Punjabi music.

Rai, Sidhu and Dhaliwal’s dynamic vivacity makes the video incredible, and even tough it is a remake, it remains unique in its music selection, choreography, and overall joyful nature of each scene.

Sadly, the embedded code is disabled for the video, but catch the lovely ladies of “Punjabi Mime Through Time” here.

Payal Shah is the new summer intern at Brown Girl Magazine. She is a student on her way to do big things. She is a lover of lifestyle and culture related writing and 90s sitcoms. Shah is also passionate about life.