What South Asian Women Want in a Dating App

by Trishu Patel 

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Women make up over 47.6 percent of the online dating population, which is creating a significant shift in the dating app market. It’s opening up a new audience of single, professional, and hardworking ladies looking to find love on-the-go. As females embrace the dating culture, app makers are going crazy trying to answer the question: What do women want in a dating app?

It didn’t take long for women to start creating apps to remedy this question themselves. Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel (apps both run by women CEOs) answered the female audience by giving them protection in screening, comfort in curated matches, and power in making the first move. But apps made for women by women aren’t the only ones creating a more approachable platform.

Take Kama for instance, we offer a sophisticated experience designed with ease and trust.

We asked a few of our favorite female South Asian stars to learn what women really want in their dating platform.

Time is Precious

It’s not uncommon for women to pursue two careers nowadays. Many young professionals are X during the day and Y by night. This type of focus has also shifted socialization.

“Today’s women are confident and busier than ever,” Zunera Mazhar,  our favorite Brown Girl fashion blogger, model, and designer, said. “They prefer online dating sites because they fit well into their busy schedule and also eliminate a lot of awkward or weird first dates.”

Singer Shilpa Narayan agrees, “I know that’s what I’ve heard from most of my friends on dating apps in NYC. Right now everyone is just so ridiculously busy. We all have our regular jobs and then most people have side projects, hobbies, and other obligations—that really makes it hard to just naturally meet someone out.”

Dating apps cater to this type of fast-paced lifestyle because they do the work for you. Your only task is choosing the right app for you.

Structure is Key

Each dating app has a different hook, especially the female-focused ones. Some have a screening process, others control how many connections you receive a day. Whatever your preference, finding a structure that works for you is important.

Narayan says she likes apps where matches are based on, “commonalities and similar beliefs/lifestyles/political views etc.”

She explains, “I think sometimes that can be a really good thing, when you know exactly the type of person you’re looking for.”

She’s also a fan of receiving a fixed amount of matches per day.

“Dating apps shouldn’t be time-consuming, so I think this is a good way to get in and out!”

Vinestar and entertainer Joty Kaur  said she enjoys the apps that let you play with location.

“The cool thing about online dating is you can meet people from all around the world. Your Prince Charming can be hiding in a different country. You just got to find him, or he has to find you,” says Miss India America People’s Choice 2015. “I’d like to see more variety of people on dating sites rather than just locals.”

List the dating app features that are important to you, and research ones that fit your criteria.

Online Love isn’t a Myth

It was a unanimous agreement from all three stars that online dating can lead to love. While Zunera met her husband in college, she’s still an advocate, having observed many friends fall in love and get married after meeting online.

Kaur explained further: “I think it’s important to meet in person and see if your personalities match. They can be your true love in the future, just not off the bat.”

“I feel like dating apps take a lot of the pressure off, because at least you know the person is available and probably attracted to you,” Narayan said. “And really at the end of the day, it’s not about how you meet your true love; it’s about the life you build together.”

Kama also asked what the number one quality these professional, hardworking ladies are looking for:

“He has to have a sense of humor because that’s what I’m all about,” Kaur said.

“For me, humor is SO huge…I look for someone who can keep up, make me laugh and make me feel like I can be myself,” Narayan explained.

Whether you’re already part of the 47.6 percent of women who date online, or you’re looking to join them, know that it’s about your boundaries and comfort.

Here at Kama, we’ve created a comfortable experience for our users with curated connections, a reliable delivery system, and smart messaging. We believe that a healthy app will lead to a healthy partner.

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