The World Renowned Shiamak Davar Dance Company Finally Enters the U.S. Market

by Trisha Sakhuja

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Reaching out to more than million dance enthusiasts across India, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, the Guru of Dance, Shiamak Davar, has finally launched his dance academy in the U.S. With the motto “Have Feet. Will Dance,” The Shiamak Davar Dance Company is growing organically and rapidly.

The dance classes will be taught at multiple dance studios across New York and New Jersey by senior dance instructors, Deeba Patel, Bhuvan Sharma and Devashree Pande. The instructors come with multiple years of dancing and teaching experience under their belt and have performed at national and international live events, films, sports events and award shows.

With their own unique style and technique, infused with Davar’s new dance forms that combines amalgamations of Indian and Western dance, the instructors are prepared to take on the New York/New Jersey classes headstrong.

Bhuvan Sharma, 26, who was born in New Delhi and was based in Mumbai before moving to New Jersey since the U.S. launch, said it’s been a privilege for him to travel the world with Davar, and dance with A-list celebrities at international award shows, like the International Indian Film Awards (IIFA) recently held in Tampa, Florida.

Now that they have finally entered the U.S. market, Bhuvan said teaching here will be no different from anywhere else because, they only “want people to enjoy the true joy of dance.”

“Shiamak, as the pioneer of dance classes, we bring the same quality, technique and the same training that he’s embedded in us to the U.S.,” Bhuvan said. “We want to showcase what India and Bollywood really stands for.”

Regardless of the country Bhuvan teaches in, he said “everyone always speaks the same language of dance and has the same cultural connect with India.”

“So we try our best to bring that same cultural connect to class,” he added.

As for the first trial dance class that took place in New York City on Oct. 7, Bhuvan said it’s always a treat to see that students are big fans of  Bollywood.

“I didn’t feel any different in being classes in Manhattan or doing classes in Bandra and Bombay. It just felt like home,” he added.

Preparing for classes is a tough feat, but watching the students become like family is the best part, Bhuvan said.

“Of course there is a lot of preparation to it,” he said. “You think of what you’re going to teach and what kind of choreography you are going to showcase. You slowly and slowly embody what Shiamak has taught you, and of course, you try and be yourself, and work from there. And as instructors, we with the students every step of the way.”

Bhuvan said it’s refreshing to students from all kinds of backgrounds, but dance is their biggest commonality.

“You have students coming in from different backgrounds: A homemaker, a guy who just finished his job,  a person who wants to become a professional dancer. So dance unites all of them,” Sharma said.

“Each student experiences dance in their own way,” he added.

Reem Jethani, 30, of New Jersey, who was one of the many students we spoke to after the trial dance class, said she comes with fusion dance experience from Baruch College’s dance team.

“I came with my friends to check out the Shiamak trial dance class, and it was great fun. I am a Bollywood lover, and this was a full blown Bollywood class, so I will most probably sign up,” Jethani said.

Rupal Rawani, 32, New York, who came to the class to have some fun with her friends, said she has heard a lot about them from her cousins who take classes in Canada.

“I was very surprised the classes haven’t come to the USA till now,” Rawani said.

Better late than ever, Rawani said she is excited to do a lot more Bollywood moves at upcoming classes, and she especially liked the instructors.

“The instructors were very energetic, and they smiled, which is the most important thing,” Rawani said.

“You need that while you dance,” she added.

For more information about The Shiamak Davar Dance Company, please contact 201.899.9799 or email:  Class registrations began on October 4, 2014, and batches began on October 11, 2014. Follow the dance school on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

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