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A Yoga Teacher’s Take on Navigating Stress and Anxiety With the Help of Veda Warrior’s Plant-Based Vitamins

veda warrior
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The following post is brought to you by Veda Warrior, a plant-based stress relief, personalized to you. To place your first order, take 30 percent off with discount code ‘BG30’ at check-out to order your personalized plants. 

It has never been more important to proactively stay healthy as we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 health crisis. Many of us have been feeling a lot of stress and anxiety while in quarantine, and even though this is normal, it’s important to remember that stress weakens our immune and nervous systems. Which begs the question, how do we strengthen our systems? 

As a yoga teacher, I am rounding up three simple ways to boost your immunity — starting with Veda Warrior


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An Ayurveda company that makes plant-based vitamins personalized to your unique mind-body type or dosha. Rooted in traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. Veda Warrior’s products are crafted with some of the world’s best science-backed super herbs such as Hemp (CBD), Turmeric, and Ashwagandha, geared towards relieving stress while boosting immunity. 

A North Carolina based blogger Priya incorporated Veda Warrior into her routine since quarantine started her state and while it’s not a quick fix, she said it gradually builds your body’s defenses against the stress through daily use and has helped her feel more balanced over time.

I’ve been using Veda Warrior’s ancient ayurvedic superblends during quarantine to relieve my stress and help keep my immunity strong. After I took their free quiz online, my stress level was identified as the “Kapha” type, which is so beneficial to understand. 

While I was reading my stress symptoms — depression, lethargy and overeating — they were so spot on. It’s been a little more than a month since I’ve incorporated Veda Warrior into my routine. It’s not a quick fix: It gradually builds your body’s defenses against stress through daily use, and has helped me feel more balanced over time.


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While we boost our immune system, it is important to stay mentally and emotionally strong as well during a time of fear and uncertainty. Emotional Freedom Technique or more commonly known as “EFT” is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and is very similar to Acupuncture. Using our fingers, we gently tap on the meridian points or energy centers located on the face and body to help release deep-rooted emotions and reset the channels of energy in our body. 

As we tap, we can work with an EFT practitioner online or simply find youtube videos to help guide us through the process of verbalizing our emotions and story. Putting our feelings into words allows us to feel less trapped and thus beginning the release of pain and negative emotions. Tapping on the meridian points while bringing up the issue that is bothering us ignites our parasympathetic nervous system bringing us to a relaxed state letting the body know that it is okay to rest and in turn, it resets our entire system as we feel a release. 

This practice helps the collective because when the environment is at unrest, the organism suffers. We coregulate with everyone around us and when we are happy and at peace, our world can be too.

Every experience that we have is not just physical or mental, it is combined. We feel everything mentally and physically whether we realize it or not. These experiences get stored in our mind and body and if they aren’t life-affirming or serving our highest good, it is important that we work to release them. The wonderful benefit of tapping is that it helps us to reintegrate the physical with the mental and the emotional. It brings us to a place where we can allow our bodies to rest and feel safe.

Last but not least, yoga is a savior during this time. Yoga goes deeper than just the “asana” or pose. While this practice helps us to build stronger bones and strengthen our immune system through the regulation of breath, those are just a couple of the many benefits. Coronavirus is a virus that is wet and full of cold fluids, it is transmitted through the air. What we want to do is activate heat in our body through the physical practice of yoga to combat the virus. 


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We are not just integrating with ourselves, we are integrating with our environment because we are the earth, we are nature, fire, air, and water. We have all of these elements within us but we don’t know or haven’t been taught how to manipulate them and work with them. To bring solar energy into our body, sun salutations are a great way to do this. They are fairly simple and involve a series of lunges, planks, backbends, and downward dogs.

When we feel strong physically, we can start to deepen our practices by doing the inner healing work through EFT and yoga. Veda Warrior capsules give you the boost to be able to practice other healing modalities by staying healthy. The vegan capsules are designed to be taken alongside a holistic routine for stress relief that’s personalized directly towards your needs. Along with your Veda Warrior capsules, you will receive recommendations for your diet, exercise, and lifestyle tips that can help improve your mood, boost brain function and build immunity. As we build our immunity, we become less susceptible to viruses such as COVID-19. 


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You can take their free stress quiz by visiting vedawarrior.com and find out what vitamins, diet, and fitness routine would work best for your needs during this time. What we put into our bodies is very important because it does affect our mood and over wellbeing — especially during a global pandemic. 

To place your first order, take 30 percent off with discount code ‘BG30’ at check-out to order your personalized plants. 



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